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Forest wildfire


Our goal is to be an impactful Environmental Protection Movement led by members of the community. We are inspired by the belief that everyday people can shape and mold a society where everyone can achieve their true potential.


What have we done?

Well, this question has numerous answers with both good and bad, but the problem is that the bad part outweighs the good. Humans have evolved over years, and with time our needs evolved. This increase in need led to the discovery of a lot of new things without which life today would have been much harder. But these discoveries needed materials to be functional And so we turned to the only place full of raw materials to power our dreams, 'EARTH'.

Where did we go Wrong?

You see, humans are very needy beings, once we find the remedy to our needs, we won't stop using them, to a point where we are destroying Earth,That's where the problem starts. Take a look around the place you are in, has anything there come to be on its own? Chances are, your answer is no. That's because we have made our lives so very cosy with all these appliances, made from things found naturally on earth, that we became so selfish having no regard for what we are doing to our planet, the very reason we exist. And slowly we started over-exploiting and destroying Earth. Slowly but steadily we have ended up here, to a point where we are in so much trouble, websites like these have to be made to raise awareness.

What can we do now?

There are a plethora of things we could to 'restore' earth before its too late. These efforts are not too tedious but require a little bit of time in our busy lives, after all it could mean the difference between our survival and extinction. Given below are somethings you could do to slowly but surely help Earth return to its former glory.

Some Things You Could Do:

Young plant of forest tree
Trash on Beach


Plant a tree today for a better tomorrow.” The significance of forest cover and tree plantation cannot be stressed upon enough, and their importance has only increased in the present scenario, with global warming and climate change being very real threats to our planet and all its inhabitants.

The problem is we think we are doing a favor by planting trees, whereas the truth is that it is our duty to protect the earth, by means big or small. We have had enough with using earth's resources, its time we start fixing what me damaged.

Put trash in its place

Plastic is one of the worst enemies mother nature has to face, but it is also something humans cant live without. while using plastic isn't right, we're pretty much handicapped without it. 

since we are facing this dilemma, our best solution is to dispose this garbage mindfully. by mindfully we mean, Disposing plastic waste in designated trash cans. if there aren't any, making alternatives like using a plastic bag to store other plastic waste in it, or using less plastic is something you could do.

Marble Surface
Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin
Going for a Run


Going green

Its Easy, start with maybe using eco- friendly alternatives for  plastic, such as jute,fibre,fabric. they may not be pocket-friendly but sure help the earth.

Get Involved -
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The more plastic we use, the harder it will be to make amends. hence the solution is to recycle plastic bags, bottles and other plastic appliances. For example when going to a shop take along with you the bag they gave you last time, that way its both pocket-friendly and better for the Earth. 

Reusing Plastic bottles once used is another great way to recycle.


Now that you understand 

our fate if we continue living the way we are, take some initiatives 

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